Dust Buster

CORMETECH has developed an innovative honeycomb catalyst that draws on our extensive worldwide experience with high dust coal-fired applications to prevent plugging.

Dust Buster Catalystâ„¢ consists of optimized channel geometries that facilitate the flow of ash-laden flue gas through catalytic surfaces with high DeNOx activity.


Dust Buster Catalyst â„¢ has all the product reliability, performance and catalyst life cycle benefits that come from utilizing a 100% catalyst material structure, with the added benefits of uniform, large hydraulic diameter rectangular openings with optimum aspect ratios which prevent dust build up and catalyst pluggage inside the reactor.


  • Ultra-low plugging potential
    • 11mm hydraulic pitch
    • Low aspect ratio (2:1) rectangular cells
    • Uniform cell geometry
  • Enhanced performance to boost potential
    • Entire wall is catalytic material
    • Ability to be Regenerated - No iron that will increase SO2 oxidation
    • Chemical and physical properties enhancements
    • Can have Hg Oxidation formulation