METEOR: Multi-Polutant Catalyst

CORMETECH has developed and optimized for commercial applications METEOR™ - an advanced multi-pollutant catalyst which simultaneously reduces NOx, oxidizes CO, VOCs to compliance levels, and minimizes NH3 slip within one catalyst layer for extremely low pressure loss. Specifically designed for use with combustion turbines and internal combustion engines, METEOR™ technology provides enhanced operational efficiency and lower maintenance costs over a wide array of operating conditions and temperature ranges.


METEOR™ technology built on CORMETECH's ELITE™ platform will reduce pressure drop compared to a single SCR catalyst layer and significantly reduce pressure drop when compared to the traditional Oxidation layer + SCR layer approach. These combined features provide improved operational efficiencies in addition to other key benefits:

  • Asset Optimization
  • Increased Load Flexibility and Reduced Parasitic Load
  • Ultra-Low Pressure Loss Yielding Improved Efficiency
  • Low SO2 to SO3 Conversion
  • Resistant to Sulfates in the Exhaust Gas
  • Lower Maintenance Costs through Reduced Cold-End Fouling and Only One Catalyst Layer to Maintain
  • Lowest Total Lifecycle Cost (Capital and Operating)
  • Lower Catalyst Management Costs
  • Improved Mechanical and Chemical Durability
  • Smaller Footprint Space within the Duct
  • Reduced Sensitivity to Catalyst Fouling Agents

CORMETECH's METEOR SCR catalyst has been installed at Engie's Ennis Power Plant in Texas. Initial performance data is exceptional and exceeds design parameters. The METEOR SCR catalyst continues to operate at a high level.

Whether you are planning a new unit or managing an existing unit - contact CORMETECH today to explore how CORMETECH METEOR™ reduces costs and optimizes your assets.