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Coal Catalyst Applications

Cormetech designs and manufactures catalysts unique to coal-fired applications that ensure long-life and highly effective catalyst performance. We offer guarantees tailored to the individual client requirements.

High NOx Removal
Cormetech coal catalysts are ideal for a variety of flue gas properties, particulate characteristics and temperature ranges accommodating both high and low dust applications for a range of coal types. Our catalyst composition minimizes deactivation caused by poisons such as arsenic and calcium oxide deposits. Our integrated design of the SCR catalyst and its modular frame maximizes NOx reduction and balance of plant operations.

Low SO2 Conversion

SO3 mitigation is a growing need among coal-fired power plants. A challenge faced by several power plants is to lower SO2 conversion, while maintaining high NOx reduction levels and low ammonia slip. In order to meet this need, we have developed a breakthrough low SO2 conversion catalyst that utilizes our unique extrusion expertise, product and materials know-how and extensive field experience of catalyst technology. The low SO2 conversion catalyst is optimized to reduce volume, pressure drop and SO2 oxidation. This low SO2 conversion is achieved due to advanced features such as:

  • Greater open area
  • Thinner catalyst walls
  • Excellent material utilization
  • Improved composition and geometry for catalyst strength


Our low SO2 conversion catalyst achieves less than 0.1% SO2 oxidation while maintaining all other key product performance features.