CORMETECH is one of the most technologically advanced catalyst manufacturing companies in the world. We focus on offering superior technology and resources to ensure reliable performance at the lowest cost to our customers. As a result, innovation is a culture at CORMETECH, and we have introduced many new products to meet the growing needs of our customers.


Current and future market needs and customer feedback form the basis of our innovation programs. At the same time, we encourage creative ideas from our employees in developing breakthrough products and processes. Our current R&D efforts focus on:

  • Low SO2 oxidation catalyst
  • High catalytic capacity per catalyst layer COMET - step-change in mercury oxiation rate
  • High temperature products for durable performance in applications such as simple cycle GT's
  • Step-change reduction in pressure drop Robust ULFA products through JDA with Tenneco

We have a state-of-the-art R&D center in Durham, NC where we continue to develp new technologies to meet current and future customer needs. We also participate in joint development programs with our world-class technology parent companies Corning and MHI to continuously enhance our product offerings. We also conduct research programs at universities in the United States and China for analyzing catalyst deactivation chemistry, catalyst adsorption properties, and catalyst material screening for advancements in product development.