CORMETECH’s Vision:   Be a global leader providing the highest quality and highest performing environmental technology solutions


Our Mission:  Deliver innovative products and services that improve air quality and maximize stakeholder value


Core Values and Beliefs:


Safety:  CORMETECH places the safety of all employees first.  We have a strong commitment to provide a safe and secure workplace for all employees and to promote high standards of employee productivity, health and safety


CORMETECH Safety Policy:  Every employee believes that all incidents and injuries are preventable and demonstrates a personal commitment to continuous safety improvement. Together, employees create a workplace with ZERO recordable injuries


Integrity:  Earn the respect and trust of our fellow employees and people around the world through behavior that is open, honest, decent and fair.  Practice leadership by example


Customer Driven:  We exist for our customers and will establish and maintain effective relationships to earn their trust and respect.  We will listen to our customers and partner with them to develop innovative solutions to solve their environmental challenges


Quality:  Each of us, individually and in teams, will understand and surpass the expectations of the customer.  We take pride in our work and the services we provide.  We will continue to maintain our quality system.  We will be open to suggestions and create a learning environment leading to the most efficient and effective processes, products and services that meet and exceed expectations


CORMETECH’s Quality Policy:  We will continually improve our products, processes, and services with a goal of increasing customer satisfaction


Teamwork:  Seek opportunities to build team effectiveness through developing cooperative and collaborative relationships.  Promote a free flow of information and open communication throughout the organization.  We care about each other and our families


Innovation:  We will lead by technical innovation, developing new ideas and business opportunities to make them a reality.  Through the spirit of innovation we will create change that will shape the future


Performance:  We will allocate resources to ensure profitable growth and recognize exceptional results, individually and as a company.  We will provide shareholders with a superior long term return on their investment


Fairness:  We believe in the dignity of the individual and that a rich mixture of diversity is a source of strength. We will create a work environment where all individuals are valued.  Commitment to our employee’s development and growth as well as an opportunity for all employees to contribute their skills will determine our success and is the key to our competitive advantage


Environmental Responsibility: We will always maintain a clean and safe work place and will comply with all environmental laws and regulations.  We will act responsibly and in harmony with the environment and communities where we live


CORMETECH Environmental Policy:  CORMETECH is committed to environmental stewardship with emphasis on pollution prevention and compliance with legal and business environmental requirements as we continually improve our processes, products and services