CORMETECH Announce On-Demand Availability of New Webcast: “Maximizing the Mercury Oxidation Potential of your SCR Catalyst System”

CORMETECH Inc., a Durham, NC-based SCR catalyst manufacturing company has recently announced the on-demand availability of their recently conducted webinar titled “Maximizing the Mercury Oxidation Potential of your SCR Catalyst System”. This is the company’s second webcast on this topic as the first was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. The webcast was originally held as a live event on January 13th, 2015 and explains how utility and industrial facilities can prepare an SCR catalyst management strategy to address mercury reduction and cost-efficiency challenges.

The current MATS regulation requires significant planning to ensure continuing compliance, and preparing a well-defined SCR catalyst management strategy is a vital step for the long-term. Development of an appropriate strategy is the main focal point of this webinar presented by Dr. Chris Reeves, a chemical engineer in CORMETECH's Catalyst Development group. Dr. Reeves discusses the many considerations that go into maximizing the SCR catalyst life cycle such as determining the current mercury oxidation potential of installed SCR catalysts and methods to reliably predict SCR mercury oxidation over time. An effective SCR Catalyst management strategy can simultaneously control NOx, SOx, Ammonia Slip and Mercury while minimizing total operating costs.

Power plants are the largest source of several toxic air pollutants and are responsible for 50% of the Mercury emissions in the United States. CORMETECH's webcast – “Maximizing the Mercury Oxidation Potential of your SCR Catalyst System” has been viewed by over 80 attendees from power plants, utilities, and industrial facilities. This presentation has helped these subject matter experts develop cost effective SCR catalyst management systems while maintaining their compliance with the latest regulatory standards.

Now, the team at CORMETECH would like to continue educating businesses across the utility and industrial marketplace on this crucial issue by offering the presentation for free and on-demand. By registering for CORMETECH's free webcast, attendees will learn important elements of the pollutant mitigation process. As part of the webinar, Dr. Chris Reeves of CORMETECH will also highlight the importance of trilateral data validation within an effective Hg management strategy. Webcast viewers will discover how to make effective changes within their SCR catalyst management processes and how these changes can help reduce costs over the long-term.

This webinar was originally held on January13th, 2015and will remain available on-demand for one year.

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