CORMETECH Offering In-Situ™ Replacement Services to Reduce the Cost of SCR Catalyst Replacement

Durham, NC-based leaders for SCR catalyst manufacturing and maintenance services, CORMETECH, Inc. is now offering a comprehensive in-situ catalyst replacement service. Through this service, the CORMETECH’s team can remove and replace SCR catalyst layer modules within a reactor without removing the steel frame modules supporting the SCR catalyst. Compared with conventional SCR catalyst replacement processes, this service will enable plants to reduce the time and the cost of the SCR catalyst repair significantly.

Effective management and maintenance of SCR catalysts ensures companies meet their performance targets and remain within their NOx emission allowance.Often times the required investment of time and labor for removing failing SCR catalysts and integrate new SCR catalyst modules can be detrimental to overall plant generation and revenue. Traditional SCR catalyst extraction and installation plans often require the use of cranes and other large and expensive equipment to ensure safe and effective SCR catalyst removal and replacement.The In-situTM SCR catalyst replacement service offered by CORMETECH is now helping plant owners across the world reduce their SCR catalyst replacement costs while streamlining the entire replacement process.

The in-situTM SCR catalyst replacement service offered by CORMETECH begins with a visual inspection and also includes chemical and physical performance tests. These tests determine whether the in-situTM replacement process is suitable for that particular unit. Once the process has been approved, the company’s staff begins to remove and replace the SCR catalyst layer modules. This work can be completed without the need to remove the steel frame modules that support the SCR catalyst within the system. It is an innovative replacement strategy designed to help companies consolidate the cost of effective SCR catalyst management.

In addition to its cost-saving benefits, another of the leading advantages of the in-situTM SCR catalyst replacement process is it can be completed on an entire layer or a partial layer of SCR catalyst. This helps ensure precision within the replacement process and means pinpoint improvements can be made to the client’s SCR catalysts.

The experts at CORMETECH have many years of experience bringing cutting-edge services to clients across the globe. To learn more on their In-situTM SCR catalyst replacement services, please contact the CORMETECH offices directly at (704) 827-8933 or visit