Achieve High Level DeNOx Peformance with Catalyst Products from CORMETECH


A DeNOx (denitrification) catalyst is a central to the performance of modern emissions control technologies. And with organizations across the globe now facing tighter emissions regulations as a result of worldwide environmental policy collaboration, DeNOx catalyst products are being designed to conform to the specific application environment within unique facilities. For those seeking access to the latest DeNOx systems, it’s imperative to find products that have been optimized to achieve high efficiency within their working processes. That’s why companies are now turning to industry leaders such as CORMETECH for the latest in DeNOx catalyst technology.

CORMETECH’s catalysts have been proven to offer up-to 95% efficiency in terms of NOx removal at less than 2 ppm NH3 slip. Their services continue to evolve and the company has recently proven an ability to reach levels of zero-slip within their NOx removal work. One of the leading advantages of working alongside the company is their understanding of the step-by-step processes involved in NOx removal work across various industries and applications. The company’s SCR catalyst, for example, features a modular frame. This means the product is able to maximize NOx reduction rates and reduce plant auxiliary power use. It is how the firm continues to help clients maximize their processing performance while ensuring power and working efficiency across their infrastructure.

Another long-term advantage companies achieve when choosing CORMETECH as their specialist for DeNOx catalyst products is that the company offers expert catalyst management. They don’t simply design, manufacture and customize high performance catalysts for their industry clientele. They work to monitor the performance of the chosen catalysts as well as the client’s current products to ensure that they achieve the utmost efficiency within their working processes. It’s imperative to complete professional catalyst testing annually to ensure that systems are working optimally and to protect against high removal rates. The team at CORMETECH is able to monitor systems and perform routine inspections to help maximize catalyst life and empower organizations to achieve a long-term, high-value return for their investment.

A leading area of expertise for CORMETECH and their technical staff is within AIG tuning. AIG tuning is vital to optimizing the performance of a reagent system and CORMETECH has extensive experience, having tuned over 800 SCR systems to-date. The company deploys a Multipoint Sampling System within their facilities to help quickly and accurately complete AIG tuning work. It’s a process that can help reduce localized regions of ammonia slip, thereby mitigating preheater fouling issues in the long-term. In addition to their AIG tuning work, CORMETECH has the in-house technology to complete parametric studies of both fresh and deactivated catalyst products. This fully automated system helps analyze performance levels by measuring Hg oxidation, DeNOx, and SO2 oxidation to help organizations continually maintain their productivity, emissions standards and performance efficiency while limiting operational downtime.

CORMETECH is the trusted expert for a complete range of catalyst analysis and optimization services. To learn more on their industry-leading work, contact their offices directly speak with one of their specialists. Qualified, experienced catalyst analysts are standing-by to answer all enquiries.


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