Achieve Reliable SCR Catalyst Performance at Reduced Costs with CORMETECH


Across the globe, environmental legislation has become a critical consideration within utility and industrial power generation facilities. This commitment to catalyst management and long-term performance is the reason many firms across the coal-fired and natural gas-fired power plants, petrochemical, and other industrial sectors turn to CORMETECH when they require a SCR catalyst.

Built on over 25 years of SCR catalyst development experience, CORMETECH is known for being one of the most technologically-advanced catalyst manufacturing companies in the world. Our SCR catalyst formulation is uniquely customized for each client’s flue gas applications, and designed to achieve superior levels of NOx efficiency and high rates of mercury oxidation with very low pressure loss. CORMETECH’s customization work is only completed after a comprehensive analysis of the company’s application requirements for SCR system performance. Once this analysis has been completed and our team has a full understanding of the client’s performance objectives and facility risk factors, CORMETECH creates the SCR catalyst solution, while following industry best practices for turnaround schedules and manufacturing quality. As part of their manufacturing work, CORMETECH helps streamline SCR catalyst replacement and installation work by offering supervised turn-key services.

CORMETECH’s outstanding work has been highlighted globally with SCRcatalysts delivered to over 1,400 SCR systems among our loyal customers. This experience translates into comprehensive expertise for a broad range of SCR catalyst management program applications. CORMETECH partners with client companies to conduct detailed SCR catalyst inspections. The inspection staff utilizes their understanding of SCR catalyst performance dynamics to analyze performance and identify opportunities for improved SCR system and SCR catalyst performance enhancement.

CORMETECH’s inspection programs provide clients with comprehensive information on the performance within their custom designed SCR catalysts. This information gathering process is crucial for extending the life of SCR catalysts and ensuring facilities achieve full value for their investment. The CORMETECH inspection programs also provide the foundation for creating long-term strategies for SCR catalyst testing, cleaning, restoration, and replacements. This means forward-looking companies can streamline SCR catalyst management and mitigate performance issues while maintaining a focus on their core expertise.

As part of our commitment to help clients reduce their on-site maintenance costs, CORMETECH also provides AIG tuning services, which help optimize ammonia-to-NOx distribution levels. By optimally balancing the levels of ammonia and NOx within systems, CORMETECH is able to extend SCR catalyst life and eliminate localized areas of ammonia slip, which has been known to cause significant operational issues such as pre-heater fouling. CORMETECH utilizes a Multipoint Sampling System to complete AIG tuning applications quickly and accurately with the goal of helping our customers achieve peak SCR performance. It’s a service that’s helping a range of companies maximize the longevity of their SCR catalysts and reduce their long-term maintenance costs.

Superior SCR catalyst performance is founded upon decades of technical knowledge. To discover more on the services offered by CORMETECH, please contact our offices directly today at 704-827-8933 or


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