CORMETECH Explains the Unique Advantages of their SCR Catalyst Product for Industrial Applications


Durham, NC-based developers of SCR catalysts, CORMETECH is now outlining the broad array of advantages our products bring to client applications. We manufacture homogeneous titania-based ceramic honeycomb SCR catalysts, which are customized based on our client’s unique operating conditions. Used in petrochemical, industrial and power generation facilities, these catalysts help support NOx removal and are a key facet of facilities emission control strategies to meet the demands of the latest environmental legislation.

To achieve maximum efficiency and to reduce toxic emissions from industrial plants, many facilities are now turning to SCR catalyst products that have been customized for their specific applications. In order to source a high quality catalyst product built to very narrow design specifications, industrial facilities must turn to a trusted SCR catalyst manufacturer such as CORMETECH.

CORMETECH offers a complete array of customized catalysts for their clients’ operations. One of the advantages of working with the CORMETECH to craft quality catalyst products is our experience within the industry. CORMETECH’s team has spent several decades honing catalyst technology. We have now devised homogeneous titania-based ceramic honeycomb SCR catalysts that have been shown to help operations meet their set targets in terms of reduced SO2-to-SO3 conversion rates, improved NOx removal rates, and higher mercury oxidation rates. In turn, CORMETECH products are helping operators at coal-firing plants and other industrial facilities meet their requirements under regulation such as MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards), which sets the standards for allowable levels of mercury emissions. A further benefit of the SCR catalysts offered through CORMETECH is their carbon steel frames, which ensure they’re easier to install than other similar market products, presenting companies with a solution that can be seamlessly integrated within client facilities.

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