SCR Catalyst Management

CORMETECH SCR Catalyst Management services will determine an optimum catalyst replacement or addition plan through performance audits designed to determine the remaining potential of the field catalyst. An overall SCR catalyst management strategy will also consider the plants operating history, projected use of the SCR in the future, outage schedule, and other financial and operational factors. The final SCR catalyst replacement strategy must also carefully consider the fuel fired because catalyst layers often deactivate at different rates. This information may also be helpful to other units in the fleet that are burning the same fuel. The audit also allows the user to consider recent SCR catalyst technology advancements that may further improve system performance. In the past, replacement with an advanced catalyst has produced more than a 50% performance improvement compared to replacing with a new layer of the original SCR catalyst.

SCR Catalyst Management Plan

In other plants, the SCR catalyst management strategy may take advantage of the spare catalyst layer included in the original reactor design. For many users, adding a new or regenerated high performance catalyst to the existing reactor will be the best economic option compared to replacing an existing layer of SCR catalyst.