SCR Catalyst

CORMETECH manufactures homogeneous titania-based ceramic honeycomb SCR catalysts for the power generation, industrial, and petrochemical industries worldwide. Our SCR catalysts are used on boilers, turbines, and engines (stationary, marine, and mobile). CORMETECH has the largest installed SCR catalyst base operating in more than 1,500 SCR systems, totaling over 140,000 MW of generating capacity worldwide.

Precise SCR Catalyst Pitch is tailored for each gas path application Our unique catalyst product features include:

  • High DeNOx removal
  • High Mercury Oxidation rate
  • Low SO2 --> SO3 conversion rate
  • Low pressure drop & ammonia slip

Custom Made SCR Catalysts

CORMETECH's SCR catalyst formulation and cell pitch are customized for each flue gas application, ensuring high NOx reduction efficiency and high Mercury oxidation rate at very low-pressure loss. Our honeycomb construction offers higher mechanical strength for catalyst durability in addition to an efficient geometry for high surface area and low-pressure drop. We determine the honeycomb structure and cell pitch for each customer application following an engineered analysis of system performance requirements. Our catalysts are installed in carbon steel frames for easy handling during installation and replacement.

Our catalysts are versatile and can be operated over a wide temperature range and provide excellent resistance to sulfur, poisons, and erosion, resulting in long life and low overall cost to the customer.

CORMETECH SCR catalyst provide excellent resistance to sulfur, poisons, and erosion