Combustion Turbine SCR in the Changing World


Natural gas holds a prominent position in electricity generation both in the USA and globally. In the USA, it accounts for a significant 40.5% share of power generation sources, while globally, it contributes to 23.4% of the power generation mix. However, despite its importance, gas-based combustion turbines face the challenge of reducing emissions, particularly NOx, CO, and Hydrocarbons. These gas fired power plants are also now under pressure to operate at lower loads and more frequent start-ups while meeting strict emissions standards such as CO, minimizing ammonia slip, and optimizing maintenance costs.

In response to these challenges, many gas plants worldwide are exploring the possibility of planning for or retrofitting their existing emissions control equipment to enhance NOx, High NO2, CO, and/or Hydrocarbon reduction functionalities to give them flexibility and minimize operations cost. CORMETECH’s custom-engineered catalysts provide multiple solutions to address these considerations while maintaining low back pressure or even reducing back pressure of an existing system. These custom-engineered products include CORMETECH Elite™ for market low pressure loss, CORMETECH METEOR™ for multi-emission catalyst and CORMETECH High NO2 catalyst, which have all been deployed on various units and applications to maximize SCR performance while minimizing the impact to turbine efficiency.

During this informative webinar, Dan Johnson, Vice President, Business Development at CORMETECH, will discuss these technologies’ basics and advancements, as well as their successful implementation.

The webinar will cover evaluation methods for implementing CORMETECH METEOR™, supported by real-world case studies and examples. Topics include retrofit applications and space considerations, SO3 generation reduction, and the benefits of multi-emission catalysts versus CO oxidation catalysts in reducing fouling generation. Operational improvements will also be explored.

The target audience for this webinar includes Plant Owners, Plant Managers, Plant and Corporate Environmental Engineers, Corporate Engineering Management, AE Firms, and HRSG OEMs. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session to address their specific questions.

By attending this webinar, participants can gain insights into flexible and cost-effective solutions for reducing NOx, High NO2, CO, and Hydrocarbon emissions.

Specific topics to be discussed include:

  • Retrofit Applications and space considerations when considering Multi-Emission catalyst
  • Reducing SO3 generation
  • Reduction of fouling generation by installing multi-emission catalyst vs a CO oxidation catalyst
  • Making operational improvements

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Attendees are encouraged to ask questions during the Q&A session of the webinar.

Who Should Attend:

  • Plant Owners
  • Plant Managers
  • Plant and Corporate Environmental Engineers
  • Corporate Engineering Management
  • AE Firms


Dan Johnson, P.E. | Vice President, Business Development | CORMETECH 
Dan Johnson, P.E., is the Vice President, Business Development at CORMETECH. Dan oversees market approaches & technical strategy for successful SCR technologies implementation. With extensive experience in designing, and commissioning SCR systems, Dan’s expertise spans the Power Generation and energy sectors. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and is a registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina.

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