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Innovative Emissions Control Inc.

Edoardo Bugnone - Partner
John Moore - Partner

Michael F. Mattes - President and Chief Executive Officer
Mark Vasco - Senior Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel
Chris E. DiFrancesco - Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Scott L. Daugherty - Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Scot G. Pritchard - Senior Vice President, Applications Engineering
John Mei - Senior Vice President, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer

CORMETECH is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and life-cycle management of technologies that clean the air of harmful pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO₂) linked to climate change. The U.S. Department of Energy has selected CORMETECH to develop solutions to capture CO₂ directly from the air (Direct Air Capture) as well as from power and industrial plant exhaust gases (Point Source Capture).    

The company’s reputation is built on three decades of developing and delivering innovative environmental catalysts and CO₂ adsorbers, the building blocks of emissions control and carbon capture systems. CORMETECH products and services make it possible to balance global energy and infrastructure demands with the need to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, mercury, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and CO₂.

CORMETECH has a history of unleashing engineering ingenuity to foster cleaner air and protect the environment. The company solved one of the biggest operational challenges in the emissions control field by pioneering catalyst full life-cycle management, including regeneration, a patented process that restores catalyst performance to original levels.

  • The world’s top power, industrial, and marine companies rely on CORMETECH selective catalytic reduction (SCR), oxidation, and multi-functional catalysts to cost-effectively meet their compliance standards.
  • After multiple regeneration cycles, CORMETECH recycles catalysts to significantly reduce landfill waste and produce commercial raw materials.
  • Cormetech is extending its expertise in full life-cycle management to CO₂ adsorbers.

Based in Charlotte, N.C., with R&D headquarters and manufacturing in the North Carolina Research Triangle, manufacturing in Cleveland, Tenn., and regeneration and recycling operations in Kings Mountain, N.C., CORMETECH is a U.S. engineering and manufacturing company that provides clean air and carbon capture solutions to the world.

CORMETECH is owned by Innovative Emissions Control Inc. a special purpose investment company founded by investment professionals John Moore and Edoardo Bugnone, and composed of U.S. and Swiss investors as well as the CORMETECH management team.

 Contact: Rob Perry, r.perry@cormetech.com