Catalyst Manufacturers CORMETECH Offering Complete Suite of Catalyst Inspection and Testing Services


Durham, NC-based SCR catalyst manufacturers, CORMETECH helps their industrial and power industry clients achieve greater application performance through a range of catalyst inspection and testing services. The company’s laboratory testing of catalysts can help industrial firms determine deactivation rates within their catalysts and provide insight into the methods required to extend catalyst life. It’s a service that will empower companies in reducing processing costs and improving the efficiency of their systems.

The leading industrial firms across the country must maintain a close eye on the usage of their catalysts to determine whether true value, environmental performance and system efficiency are being achieved. It’s recommended that catalyst inspection is carried out at least once per year to protect against performance loss. Without the necessary qualifications in-house to conduct this level of comprehensive analysis, firms must turn to companies with decades of experience in the area of manufacturing and customization of catalyst products. It’s the reason that so many firms now entrust their catalyst analysis requirements to the team at CORMETECH.

Expert catalyst manufacturers, CORMETECH offers a complete array of catalyst testing and inspection services. The company’s catalyst inspection service involves the use of visual inspection and analysis, which provides clients with information on their catalyst’s deactivation causes. By understanding the causes of catalyst deactivation, companies are then able to prevent the process in future. Organizations can then extend the lifetime performance of their catalysts and improve the efficiency of their in-house processes. By working with CORMETECH’s inspection team, firms can also achieve information on effective catalyst cleaning and restoration and develop a strategy for replacing their current catalyst systems.

Operating state-of-the-art testing equipment, the team at CORMETECH is able to recreate the customer’s actual operating conditions, therefore providing superior reliability to other testing companies with their own standard facilities. It’s a critical tool in effective catalyst management and it’s now available through the experienced team at CORMETECH. To learn more on the full range of testing and inspection services now offered by the company, please contact their headquarters directly or visit their business website at


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