CORMETECH Extends SCR Catalyst Lifecycle through AIG Tuning Services


Durham, NC-based catalyst manufacturer, CORMETECH is now offering clients the latest in AIG tuning services to extend SCR catalyst lifecycle. The company’s cutting-edge AIG tuning services empower utility and industrial power generation facilities to reduce operating costs while improving the performance of their SCR catalyst system over the long-term.

SCR catalysts play a vital role in complying with the current emission regulations including the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS). All SCR catalysts experience some level of deactivation over time due to a variety of factors including plant operating history, fuel type, and ammonia distribution.This means companies utilizing SCR catalyst scan see significant benefits in having a well-planned catalyst management strategy in place designed to maximize and extend the system’s optimal performance lifecycle. One key facet of an effective SCR catalyst management strategy is an annual check of the AIG distribution system. As market leaders, the team at CORMETECH offers state-of-the-art AIG tuning service to their clients around the world.

CORMETECH’s experience in managing and optimizing over 1300 SCR systems globally enables quick and accurate discovery& diagnosis of irregularities in the ammonia-NOx molar ratio distribution. AIG tuning optimizes this ratio in order to maximize SCR system performance. AIG tuning can eliminate localized regions of high ammonia slip, which is known to be a leading cause of air pre-heater fouling.The performance increase of the SCR catalyst can be seen through the extension of catalyst life, reduction of costs over time, and reduced ammonia slip.

The determination of an appropriate tuning schedule depends on unit-specific variables, including NOx distribution from the boiler and the style of AIG/mixer system in use.

For utility and industrial facilities looking to mitigate their overall SCR catalyst cost by improving performance and extending catalyst lifecycle, the AIG tuning work of CORMETECH is a critical step in the process of effective SCR system management. To learn more, please contact the team at CORMETECH directly via phone at (704) 827-8933. Please visit for more information on the full range of technical field services that ensure optimal SCR catalyst performance provided by CORMETECH.


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