CORMETECH Leading the Field for SCR Emission Control Solutions


It was in January of 2013 that 140 nations signed up to the Minamata Convention, which set in place a process for reducing mercury emissions at power plants and other industrial facilities across the globe. Worldwide firms must now put in place significant mercury emissions reduction processes to meet the new standards, which are set to take place over several years. 2020 has been set as the deadline for the new standards for mercury emissions control to be implemented. And so now, many companies are working with worldwide leaders such as CORMETECH for SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) to improve emission control while maximizing production efficiency.

CORMETECH works with clients across the power generation field as well as the petrochemical and industrial markets to provide the industry’ leading SCR emission control products. The data on the company’s installed products speaks to their capacity and market reputation. In the current market, CORMETECH has SCR products installed in over 1,300 systems worldwide, comprising over 100,000 MW of generating capacity worldwide.

Companies choose CORMETECH over others in the industry because the organization specializes in customized SCR emission control products that ae designed to meet each flue application requirement. The company’s signature honeycomb construction also provides catalysts with a higher mechanical strength and a greater geometric efficiency, thereby minimizing pressure drops within industrial facilities. CORMETECH’s catalyst design process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s current facilities. During this analysis, the optimal honeycomb structure and cell pitch are determined to ensure streamlined integration within the client’s current systems. The company’s catalysts are known to be highly versatile. They can be operated within a wider temperature range than most other products on the current market, and provide a longer lifetime performance with a lower overall cost to the client. It’s the effective SCR emission control solution that leading industrial firms require to meet the very highest mercury emissions reduction capacity.

In addition to CORMETECH’s expertise within the field of catalyst manufacturing and design, the company is at the forefront of the catalyst inspection and testing fields. The firm’s team completes comprehensive visual inspection programs designed to help identify the causes of catalyst deactivation, which reduces catalyst lifetime performance significantly. The company’s testing facilities are designed with the resources to quickly and effectively identify ways to extend catalyst life while determining how the catalyst reacts during specific phases of plant activity. Factors reviewed during this testing process include SO2/SO3 conversion rate, pressure drop, initial activity (K0) and actual activity (K).CORMETECH also offers extensive chemical composition testing for catalyst products, and can complete spectrographic analysis to review the changes within the product’s chemical construction. It’s a suite of testing services that helps provide firms with the required information to hone their applications and quickly improve results.

Effective catalyst emission control requires a unique understanding of a range of processes and applications. With over 25 years of industry experience, the experts at CORMETECH can respond to any emission control challenge with forward-thinking solutions highlighted by proven systems performance at worldwide facilities. To learn more, contact the team at CORMETECH today and speak with a catalyst emissions control expert.


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