CORMETECH Offers Customized Ceramic Honeycomb SCR Catalyst Products


Durham, NC-based catalyst manufacturer, CORMETECH is now offering the industry’s leading selection of ceramic honeycomb SCR catalyst solutions. An example of the company’s comprehensive suite includes their high mercury oxidation SCR catalyst products, which are designed to help firms meet stringent mercury emissions standards by oxidizing mercury to high levels within applications involving high temperatures and high HCI concentrations. It’s a specialist product offering that will help companies consolidate their expenditure on activated carbon injection systems.

As environmental regulations evolve in the marketplace, companies are now required to invest in systems that reduce their emissions of toxic materials. To help overcome this long-term challenge, firms across the industries are selecting the services of innovation leaders such as CORMETECH.

CORMETECH’s latest suite of ceramic honeycomb SCR catalysts set the highest of industry standards within a range of applications. An example of the company’s expertise within the manufacture of SCR catalysts is highlighted by their custom manufacturing process. The CORMETECH team’s formulation and cell pitch are uniquely designed for each specific flue gas application. Their customization process begins with an engineered analysis of the customer’s application to determine the systems performance requirements. During this process, the unique honeycomb structure of the catalyst is decided and the cell pitch reviewed to ensure lasting return on investment for the customer.

This customization process also ensures high NOx reduction efficiency and a high mercury oxidation rate while helping minimize pressure loss to ensure optimal performance. In terms of durability, few solutions can match the sturdiness of the honeycomb construction of the CORMETECH SCR catalysts. The company’s products offer an exceptionally high mechanical strength with a high surface area geometry that assures long-term performance efficiency. And because each of the company’s SCR catalyst products are installed within steel frames, they offer easy handling during installation and ease-of-replacement to minimize application downtime. It’s the high efficiency product to minimize mercury emissions across a broad range of industrial applications.

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