CORMETECH SCR User Group and Technical Exchange


CORMETECH’s SCR User Group and Technical Exchange is a conference organized by CORMETECH SCR Catalyst for its customers utilizing CORMETECH’s SCR catalyst. The main focus and goal of the conference is to discuss best SCR catalyst design and operational practices in a challenging market faced with current and upcoming emission regulations. CORMETECH’s technical staff and plant representatives come together to share information on how to optimize SCR catalyst performance and maximize return on SCR catalyst investment. The satisfaction of customers and their feedback aids CORMETECH in SCR Catalyst product development and improvements for both product and services. This is an open forum dedicated to problem solving.

As part of the CORMETECH SCR User Group, CORMETECH sponsors an annual off-site, multi-day conference, inviting all user-group members to interact with the CORMETECH Technical Team and other users as they present technical papers, discuss current challenges as well as advancements in CORMETECH’s SCR Catalyst and service offerings.

In today’s changing power generation market CORMETECH’s SCR users explore such challenges as best operating practices when considering low load operations for coal-fired units, contending with minimum operating temperatures, and SCR catalyst performance.

With MATS at the forefront of regulatory challenges, many plants are exploring the possibilities of increasing mercury oxidation through SCR Catalyst management and the application of mercury oxidizing catalyst. This group consisting of SCR catalyst experts explores the financial benefits of this approach as a standalone solution and the complimentary benefits when combined with other solutions. CORMETECH SCR User Group will also discuss the benefit of testing the mercury oxidizing capabilities of your current SCR catalyst and possible next steps to a complete mercury management strategy.

SCR catalyst regeneration has become a highly considered option when power plants and industrial facilities are faced with catalyst replacement. This group draws from both plant experience and CORMETECH’s expertise when making these critical decisions. When is regeneration right for your facility? What are the considerations? What is the cost benefit of regeneration versus SCR catalyst replacement?

CORMETECH is a market leader in SCR catalyst for gas applications and presentations cover topics such as cycling or transient operating strategies, as well as high operating temperatures at the SCR catalyst. The users group allows CORMETECH to interact with our customers to discuss a broad range of items including best SCR catalyst maintenance strategies, new SCR catalyst product developments, finding the right module design for specific applications,and multi-function catalyst.

CORMETECH’s SCR User Group offers our customers the opportunity to influence future SCR catalyst development and improve their understanding of the vast products and solutions offered by CORMETECH.


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