Customized SCR Catalyst Products for Natural Gas and Liquid Fuel Applications


CORMETECH, Durham, NC-based developers of SCR catalyst products, offers the market’s leading natural gas and liquid fuel SCR catalyst products. Our catalysts are designed to achieve a greater than 95% NOx removal rate, with less than 2 ppm NH3 slip to assure exceptional performance within a wide range of applications. Through integrated design, CORMETECH’s catalysts maximizes NOx reduction while allowing plant operators to reduce their auxiliary power use.

Organizations operating gas turbines require catalysts to help drive application performance and reduce their environmental impact. By installing CORMETECH custom designed catalysts developed specifically for their unique applications, power producers can minimize their production issues and ensure they achieve reliable performance over many years. It’s the reason why so many organizations are now working with our expert team at CORMETECH for customized SCR catalyst products.

Each catalyst produced within our facility undergoes a rigorous testing process. Our expertise and experience, with catalysts installed on over 1,400 SCR systems, totaling over 100,000 MW of generating capacity, means that we can build catalysts for a wide variety of flue gas particular properties. Whether companies require a smaller pitch catalyst for their gas turbine processes or a larger cell pitch catalyst for high particulate gas stream applications, our team can respond with streamlined solutions to any client’s challenges.

A leading advantage of our catalysts is that they are designed for horizontal and vertical flow orientation, assuring application flexibility with a modular approach to SCR design that reduces the plant’s auxiliary power requirements. Beyond our catalyst design work, CORMETECH is also a known leader for catalyst maintenance and management services.

Our team works to monitor and analyze catalyst performance for clients to determine potential improvements in terms of maximizing catalyst life. Our full-service approach to catalyst design and management means CORMETECH has become a leading partner to plants running natural gas and liquid fuel applications throughout the globe.

To discover more on the catalyst expertise and services offered through CORMETECH, please contact our office team today at (704) 827-8933 or visit our business website at


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