In-Situ SCR Catalyst Replacement™

CORMETECH's innovative and patented In-Situ ReplacementTM process involves removing and replacing SCR catalyst layer modules within a single reactor. The process is performed without removing the steel frame modules that support the catalyst thereby reducing the time and cost compared to conventional replacement methods. Prior to catalyst removal, a visual inspection or spot sampling is performed in conjunction with chemical and physical performance tests to pre-qualify the process for a given unit.

The In-Situ Replacement process has been used to replace honeycomb catalysts and can be used on plate or corrugated SCR catalysts. Further, it can be performed on an entire or partial layer of catalyst, and very targeted in areas of high pluggage or erosion. In many plants, In-Situ Replacement process can be more economical and efficient than conventional methods of catalyst replacement. Additional decision criteria include:

  • Improved catalyst performance is required
  • A compressed outage period is required
  • Eliminates the high cost and/or limited availability of cranes and other services needed for a traditional extract and install plan (e.g. reactor access is limited or the owner prefers to use existing entry doors)
  • Allows for targeted replacement of compromised catalyst material within a reactor/layer


TVA Allen Plant – SCR Catalyst In-Situ Replacement process CustomerSCR Catalyst In-Situ Replacement process 

CORMETECH's In-Situ Replacement process has been successfully utilized
at TVA's Allen Station Units 1, 2 and 3.