SCR Catalyst Testing Labs

Full Bench BackCORMETECH maintains a full service, state-of-the-art, VGB compliant Laboratory capable of testing elements up to 1,350mm in length and up to four layers deep for NOx, SOx, and NH3 emissions. This full system evaluation will verify manufacturing quality, field performance, and technology development advancements. Testing of field samples at each customer's actual operating conditions helps evaluate catalyst potential, deactivation causes, life cycle maintenance intervals, and optimize the overall performance of the SCR System.

CORMETECH has in-house laboratories for SCR catalyst testing and analysis to determine catalyst performance, deactivation causes, assessment of catalyst life cycle, and system optimization. CORMETECH has state-of-the-art laboratories, catalyst activity test centers and micro-activity test apparatus in Charlotte (NC), Durham (NC) and Cleveland (TN). Our pilot test plant is capable of auditing field catalyst at actual operating condition. CORMETECH's testing equipment is state of the art and methods are fully conforming to the SCR industry's best practices and VGB guidelines.

Our testing facilities include:

  • Semi-bench scale reactors
  • Full-size element/Multi-layer pilot reactors
  • Micro reactors
  • NEXTGEN Mercury Micro Reactor
  • Thermo Gravimetric Analysis
  • BET surface area equipment
  • Porosimetry
  • X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Erosion testing
  • SEMS