CORMETECH Now the SCR Catalyst Testing Leaders for a Full Testing Suite


Durham, NC-based CORMETECH are now inviting industrial companies across the globe to review their full SCR catalyst testing capabilities. The company’s analyzing capabilities include testing for catalyst activity, physical properties, and chemical composition of SCR catalysts. Ascertaining this range of information empowers the CORMETECH team to swiftly understand the causes of deactivation within client’s SCR catalysts.

While testing the catalyst for itsremaining activity the laboratory staff at CORMETECH place the SCR Catalyst in the same conditions that it is subject to while in the power plant. This matching of operating conditions gives enables CORMETECH to developaccurate test results across a variety of metrics. The information that can be obtainedfrom this testing includescatalyst SO2/SO3 conversion rate, initial activity (K0) & actual activity (K), and pressure drop.

The physical properties testing measure the current state of the catalyst. In performing this catalyst testing the laboratory staff are checking characteristics such as the surface area of the SCR catalyst and the porosity. This is done on a representative sized catalyst sample and allows CORMETECH to extrapolate these numbers to understand the condition of the full catalyst layer.

The chemical composition testing usesquantitative and Semi-quantitative X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy analysis to determine the impact that the coal being used within specific plant, and the ash that it creates, have on the SCR catalyst by looking at theirchemical properties.These 2 different XRF techniques are testing for different properties. The XRF-Quantitative analysis is checking to make sure the elemental composition of the SCR catalyst matching its design specification. The XRF-Semi-quantitative testing measures other elements to identify any changes in surface and bulk chemical composition. This is important to monitor as the catalyst is in use and exposed to the flue gas of the operating environment.

To discover more on the catalyst testing suite available to the team at CORMETECH, please contact their office team today at (704) 827-8933 or visit their business website at


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