On-line Catalyst Cleaning

SCR reactor with acoustic cleaner before ash sweeper installation (left),

and one (1) year after the installation of the ash sweepers with fan jet nozzles (right).

Ash buildup in coal-fired SCR reactors is a common occurrence that negatively affects gas flow and catalyst life. CORMETECH employs a combination of acoustic cleaners and ash sweepers to eliminate this industry-wide problem and offers the following features:

  • Acoustic cleaners produce a high energy, low frequency sound wave that vibrates/resonates ash particles
  • Acoustic cleaners have proven to achieve greater particle displacement than standard sonic horns
  • Ash sweepers displace ash piles by discharging compressed air through a specially designed nozzle

CORMETECH’s combined cleaning technology has significantly improved the operation of over 30 different reactors and has been successfully used for all fuel and catalyst types (honeycomb, plate and corrugated). SCR owners can save time and money on operations and maintenance budgets by tackling the leading cause of ash buildup by enjoying the following benefits:

  • Increased outage cycles
  • Increased catalyst life
  • Increased re-sale value of used catalyst
  • Decreased catalyst attrition due to erosion
  • Decreased ammonia consumption
  • Decreased vacuuming time

Virtually all SCRs would benefit from this technology, and SCR owners can expect a positive return on investment. Call or email us today to learn more about our on-line catalyst cleaning products.