Performance Optimization Strategies for Natural Gas SCR Catalyst

Power producers are increasing the asset utilization of their gas fired Combined Cycle and Simple Cycle units.  Increased load cycling and operating hours brings added challenges to meeting NOx and CO limits.  Simple Gas Catalyst Management strategies can optimize Gas asset performance and decrease the Total Life Cycle costs of the SCR system.

Terry McTernan, Cormetech’s Project Management Director, will present an informative webinar that provides strategies for:

  • Improving SCR efficiency
  • Saving O&M costs by reducing ammonia consumption
  • Increasing power output by lowering catalyst pressure drop
  • Best practices for higher start/stop load cycling on the SCR Catalyst
  • Effective Low load operation
  • Maximizing Gas fleet catalyst utilization

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • Preventive maintenance measures to improve SCR performance
  • Understanding SCR catalyst degradation and poisoning
  • Best practices for catalyst activity sampling
  • Benefits of cleaning vs. refurbishment vs. replacement

This webinar will provide actionable information to develop a solid SCR Catalyst Management strategy to increase the life and performance of your SCR for Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle units.  Register today to secure your space in this free webinar!

About the Speaker:

Terry McTernan, P.E. is Director of Project Management with Cormetech, Inc. With over 32 years of engineering experience, Terry has developed extensive know-how in SCR system design and applications, including troubleshooting, inspections, maintenance and training. His engineering career includes positions with Corning Incorporated, Dynamit Nobel Silicon and DuPont.