Reducing Natural Gas Emissions with CORMETECH’s METEOR™ Multi-Function SCR Catalyst

As combustion turbines become more highly utilized to meet power generation needs, the demand for reliable performance across a wide variety of operating conditions is critical. See how CORMETECH METEOR™ technology can help assure multi pollutant environmental compliance across a wider load range, while achieving enhanced operational efficiency and lower maintenance cost.

METEOR™, an Advanced Multi-Function Catalyst, simultaneously treats NOx emissions and oxidizes CO and VOC’s at a dramatically reduced pressure drop due to its single layer design.

This technology provides several key operational cost reduction benefits, compared to the traditional solution with two separate catalysts.

In this informative webinar, Brian Helner, Business Development Manager for CORMETECH, will discuss:

  • Development and performance validation of the METEOR™ catalyst product
  • Key benefits and drivers for adoption of METEOR™ catalyst technology
  • Lower pressure drop, smaller HRSG footprints and lower O&M costs
  • Asset Optimization drivers for plants currently with and without CO catalyst
  • Cormetech’s full scale installation in a Westinghouse 501G application

This webinar will help you make better informed decisions about alternatives for operational flexibility with  significant economic advantages for reducing NOx, CO and VOCs emissions.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions which will be answered during the Q&A session of the webinar.

Who Should Attend:

  • Plant Owners
  • Plant Managers
  • Plant and Corporate Environmental Engineers
  • Corporate Engineering Management
  • AE Firms


Brian Helner

Business Development Manager


Brian has 14 years of experience designing and managing SCR catalyst for its customers in combustion turbine, refining, petrochemical and specialty markets world-wide.  Has been involved in numerous product technology and process improvements at CORMETECH.  Prior to joining CORMETECH, Brian previously spent 3 years in precious metals refining and 10 years in the petroleum refining industry managing various aspects of environmental compliance, permitting and emergency response.