SCR Catalyst Experts CORMETECH Outline METEOR™ Technology


Durham, NC-based specialists for SCR catalyst technology, CORMETECH have recently begun highlighting the range of benefits offer through their new METEOR™ catalyst technology. METEOR™ is an advanced multi-pollutant catalyst designed to simultaneously reduce NOx emissions and oxidize CO and VOCs, while presenting a reduced pressure drop compared with competitor catalyst systems. It’s an SCR Catalyst solution that helps lower operations and maintenance costs, and drive power generation performance over many years.

The latest regulations in place within the power generation industry require industry companies to continually analyze the performance of their current systems for operational efficiency and environmental performance. Adopting the latest catalyst technology is critical to ensuring optimal systems performance in-line with the latest industry regulations, and that’s why so many power generation companies now work directly with SCR catalyst experts CORMETECH. CORMETECH is now highlighting the range of benefits delivered through their new METEOR™ catalyst technology.

Designed to both reduce NOx emissions and to oxidize dangerous CO and VOCs during the power generation process, the METEOR™ catalyst system represents a significant step forward for the marketplace. The multi-pollutant catalyst is also designed to manage NH3 emissions across a wide temperature range, providing companies the advantage in meeting their performance targets.

The system’s leading advantage over competing products is that it helps to limit pressure loss while controlling emissions. This means that companies can significantly improve the working efficiency of their power plant operations while committing to the latest governmental regulations for emissions management. The improved performance offered by METEOR™ has an additional benefit of the SCR catalyst being less sensitive to fouling agents within the system, helping assure plant operators greater sustained performance over many years. Another clear benefit of the system is that it offers an exceptionally small footprint. The CORMETECH METEORTM SCR Catalyst combines the space needed for SCR catalyst and the CO catalyst space. This means the METEOR™ catalyst is ideal for growing power plant generation facilities across the country.

The trusted team at CORMETECH is now available to answer any questions on our METEOR™ system. To learn more, contact our office team at (704) 827-8933 or visit


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