CORMETECH Testing Facilities Set the Standards for Streamlined SCR Catalyst Optimization

Durham, NC-based developers of leading-class SCR catalyst products, CORMETECH is operating a full-scale VGB-guideline following laboratory in which their experts can measure the catalyst performance, life cycle assessment, and causes of deactivation of SCR catalyst products. Within the CORMETECH facility, we are also able to test products directly within the same conditions as in the client’s facilities to ensure a seamless integration for continued reactivity. This type of superior testing capability enables CORMETECH to be a leader in the catalyst manufacturing field.


Building customized catalysts requires a comprehensive understanding on how materials react at certain temperatures within utility and industrial facilities. It requires our team of researchers to spend time comparing the performance of various materials to determine the optimal lifecycle intervals and to limit deactivation issues that can detract from the catalyst’s long-term performance. As experienced experts in this area of SCR catalyst manufacturing, CORMETECH presents clients with an exceptional testing suite.


By testing products within our advanced laboratory, CORMETECH can help isolate the operational challenges that might otherwise prevent the client from achieving return on investment in their catalysts. A key testing apparatuses that CORMETECH utilizes is the MATRS (Mercury Assurance Testing Reactor System). The MATRS is uniquely engineered to complete parametric studies on both fresh and deactivated catalysts. It is a system the CORMETECH team harnesses to measure Hg Oxidation potential of the catalyst. The entire MATRS system is automated allowing CORMETECH’s specialists to test for a large number of performance parameters within a consolidated timeframe.


CORMETECH’s testing facility is a leader in assuring exceptional catalyst performance across a diverse array of operational environments. To learn more on the full testing suite available from the CORMETECH team, please contact our offices directly today at (704) 827-8933 or visit