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April 23-26 , 2014
ICAC Annual Meeting
Ponte Vedra, Florida USA

May 21-24, 2014
VGB - Flue Gas Cleaning 2014
Marseille, France




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Maximizing the

Mercury Oxidation

Potential of your

SCR Catalyst System

FREE Webinar on April 17th, 2014

Time:10am -11am EST

This informative webinar by Dr. Chris Reeves will address the following questions:

  • What is the current mercury oxidation potential of your SCR catalyst?
  • What mercury oxidation potential is required across your SCR system to achieve MATS compliance?
  • How do catalyst layer interactions impact mercury oxidation?
  • How to optimize catalyst replacements to establish reliability between NOx reduction and Mercury oxidation potential?
  • How will your SCR system's mercury oxidation potential change when you replace or regenerate a layer of catalyst?
  • How to reliably predict SCR mercury oxidation over time?
  • How to run your unit to maximize both NOx reduction and Hg oxidation?

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • Key differences and tradeoffs in controlling NOx versus HgOx
  • Equations for calculating Hg oxidation activity
  • SCR design considerations for maximizing Hg oxidation
  • Hg testing options and typical response curves
  • Importance of trilateral data validation for Hg management

This webinar can help you develop a solid SCR strategy to manage NOx while also conforming to the new MATS requirements, specifically for Mercury, while utilizing an effective and cost efficient SCR co-benefit management strategy.

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CCJOnsite by Combined Cycle Journal

August edition

Fast-start/fast-ramp peaker produces 180 MW in 12 minutes, holds emissions within California’s tight standards

Mitsubishi provided a leading-edge dilution SCR system for each engine to reduce the 9 ppm NOx/4 ppm CO in turbine exhaust to 2.5 ppm/2 ppm out the stack. Ammonia slip is restricted to 10 ppm.

To read the entire article - CCJ Onsite


Cormetech – Innovation Applied

Cormetech’s catalyst provides the highest DeNOX potential available, outstanding Mercury (Hg) oxidation performance, ultra-low ammonia slip, extremely low SO2 conversion and low pressure drop designs. 

  • COMETTM - SCR catalyst for > 90% Mercury Oxidation

  • Advanced Catalyst Technology TM – Advanced SCR catalyst design to lower pressure drop




Cormetech Coal
SCR Users Group

July 30 - August 1, 2014

Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

The User Group is a forum where our customers can share their experiences, ideas,  successes and challenges on SCR and catalyst performance issues.